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Down Arrow

Mr. Harris

My Name is Shariff Harris. I was born and bred in New York City. I graduated from Penn State University and I'm currently a high school teacher. I am also a group and personal trainer who thrives on simple, quick and efficient workouts. High intensity routines that are less than 45 minutes are my specialty.

I am a father, an athlete and a graphic designer. Optimism and high goals are the name of my game.

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be" - Shakespeare

We all need to be pushed to reach our full potential, let me help.


Individual Training

Single Session $75

Six Pack $375

Twelve Pack $750

Individual Training



30 minute

Outdoor Workouts

Six Person Max.

Group Training



Timed Workouts

Built-in Breaks

Guiding Videos

In-App Messaging

App Training

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