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group training

My group training is done outdoors in several parks around NYC. It is a 30 minute workout that attacks legs, abs and upper body. Group training is limited to a maximum of FOUR people (COVID-19 precautions) If you have a group of four you can request a session for a date/time that best suits you and your group. $20 per person.

individual training

Individual training begins with a free in-person or video assessment where we determine some of your long and short term goals. We will also have a quick workout session so that I can rank your fitness level to help me create routines that work for you. A combination of face to face workouts and at-home exercises will be used to reach your fitness goals.

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app training

Using the trainerize app I have created a four week ab workout plan, a four week leg/glute workout plan and a six week full body workout plan. Each plan is timed with built in breaks and guiding videos for you to watch. Routines vary between 28 and 40 minutes long.

*Access to the four week plans are available for three 3 months after purchase and access to the the six week plan is available for 5 months after purchase.

ABS $89
Leg/Glute $89
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